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Wendy Kendrick
I have been angling for Bass since I was 7 years old. I am now 62 years old.
My father fly-rod fished for bass and as a young child, I became obsessed with catching a bass! Armed with my trusty Zebco 33 and a handful of H&H spinnerbaits, I fished every rice canal and pond I could find near our home.  The first bass I caught was about 6” long!  I jumped on my bicycle and pedaled home as fast as I could to show my father!
He made a big deal over my accomplishment!  Years later he told me that I should have released it but he did not want to curb my enthusiasm!
Numerous people have influenced me over the years: Roland Martin at Lake Ten Killer in Oklahoma, took time after an interview to show my cousin and myself how and where to fish on the lake to catch bass.  My father, because he bought me my first boat, an original Skeeter, stick steering with 33 HP Evinrude, restored it and gave to me for my 16th birthday. Mr. Tom Mann, who took us on a fishing trip on Lake Eufala, and would not let us throw anything but a Little George.
Tournament accomplishments: Never coming in last in any tournament, finishing Angler of the Year every year in bass clubs I fished. Placing in top 5 or winning many open tournaments I fished, and last but not least, belonging to LBAA.
If I had to choose the one thing I am most proud of in my life, it would have to be my three daughters!
Favorite baits or techniques: Whatever the fish want!  I do prefer fishing jigs or soft plastic, followed closely by top-water baits.
Technique tip: Adding a leader to the rear hook of a top-water bait, with hook and a Slugo or other soft jerk-bait.
My fishing goals: To obtain enough sponsorship to fish full time on the tournaments circuits.
Help to organize a Louisiana State Federation of LBAA and have more women become involved in bass fishing.
Something to share with other anglers:  Be versatile, learn all the techniques you can, do research on the waters you are to fish.
The best lesson I was taught; never become frustrated, stay focused, stick with your game plan!
I got started with LBAA last year as I was looking for an all-female fishing organization. Due to a health issue, I missed most of the tournaments.  My goal is to fish all of them and make it to the Classic!
Motto: If a person does not learn one new thing each day, they have not justified their existence for that day.
Personal: In a relationship, have three wonderful daughters and five awesome grandchildren!
Biggest bass: 8 lbs-14 ounces on jig, New Year’s Day, in the Atchafalaya Swamp.
Career: I am the Plant Manager of a chemical plant in south Louisiana, responsible for operations, process design and implementation, and all government regulatory compliance.
Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kick off on Caddo Lake

The LBAA turns its' attention rto the 2018 season which will kick off on Caddo Lake in March. The second event will be in May on Lake Logan Martin. June brings us to the Wildcard event on Kentucky Lake. The season rounds out with the 8th Lady Bass Classic on Lake Bull Shoals in Arkansas! Registration is up! Follow the links for more on membership and tournament registration!


The Lady Bass Anglers Association, 2018 Tour

The Lady Bass Anglers Association is gearing up for the 2018 season! The 2018 season will kick off on Caddo Lake in Vivian, LA; next will be Logan Martin in Lincoln, AL; third stop will be the Wildcard event on Kentucky Lake, Benton, KY which will include a bonus open Kayak tournament, and the season will be rounded out with the Lady Bass Classic on Lake Bull Shoals in Diamond City, AR. Join us for action packed adventures with best female anglers in the country!

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