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The fishing was tough for many, but not too tough for Doris Parsons and Robbie Hartline, who captured victories on Lake Hickory this weekend in the first stop on the Lady Bass Anglers Association pro tour.

Parsons, from nearby Maiden, won the co-anglers competition with a two-day weight total of 10.95 pounds. She finished Friday in second place after hauling in three fish weighing 5.97 pounds, and added to that total with three more fish Saturday totaling 4.98 pounds.

She was one of just two co-anglers to catch the max limit of three fish on each day and credited the victory to her consistency.

“Just keep a lure in the water and fish slow,” Parsons said.

Hartline, who came all the way from Hot Springs, Ark., led the pro-anglers side after day one with 10.63 pounds’ worth of bass. She met the five-fish limit on both days, bringing in another 7.53 pounds Saturday for her first professional title.

“I started bass fishing from the very beginning in 2000. I joined a little local club and didn’t know what I was doing,” Hartline said. “I just built on learning from others that I fished with because I didn’t really have that mentor that could bring me out and teach me so I’m sort of self-taught. I hired a lot of guides and I’ve fished with different people and I try to take away a nugget from everybody I fish with if I can.”

Most anglers came in under their limit as the warm weather meant the lake was quite busy with other tournaments and casual boaters. Additionally, a whipping wind made for choppy waters and disrupted fishing patterns for anglers and bass alike.

Hartline was able to make the correct adjustments, however, moving her boat into deeper water to get more bites and ultimately secure the win.

By Aaron Schnautz This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mar 31, 2019


Kick Off on Lake Hickory, NC

The LBAA turns its' attention rto the 2019 season which will kick off on Hickory Lake in March. The second event will be in May on Lake Toledo Bend. June brings us to the Wildcard event on Lake Logan Martin. The season rounds out with the 9th Lady Bass Classic on Caddo Lake in Louisiana! Registration is up! Follow the links for more on membership and tournament registration!


The Lady Bass Anglers Association, 2019 Tour

The Lady Bass Anglers Association is gearing up for the 2019 season! The 2019 season will kick off on Lake Hickory, NC. The registration deadline is February 14, 2019!  Join us for action packed adventures with best female anglers in the country!

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LBAA Tri-State Federation Chapter Inaugural Tournament

In 2018, an idea to help grow the LBAA began with a few simple conversations followed by some outlines and finally a decision to take the next step! This idea did not stem from the LBAA owners and leadership, but from within the membership. Wendy Kendrick of Walker, Louisiana, brought forth the idea and is the contact person for all proposed and active LBAA Federation Chapters. All of the hard work and dedication has led to this moment!

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Kathy Tirone

My name is Kathy Tirone and I live in Clearfield, Kentucky with my husband, Stephen Tirone. I have 3 sons, Benjamin, Jamie and Corey. I also have one grandson, Jaxon, who is 2 years old. I have worked for State Farm Insurance for 27 years.

I have always loved fishing, hiking and being outdoors. I was fortunate to have an uncle that would take my brothers and me fishing when I was a child. When we couldn’t go with him fishing we would fish a creek on the farm where I grew up. I had the pleasure of introducing my sons to fishing and hope to do the same with my grandson.
My husband and I just started tournament fishing 4 years ago as co-ed anglers in the local USA Bassin Club. We have one 1st place finish in regular season and a 7th place finish in the co-ed classic.

I am always trying to learn more about fishing and just happened to see an LBAA video on You Tube. I was thrilled to learn that there was an association for women anglers. I joined right away but didn’t actually fish a tournament until the next year. I fished my 1st tournament as a co-angler in June of 2018 on Kentucky Lake and absolutely loved it. 2019 is my first year participating in the entire tournament tour as a co-angler.

My sponsor is Stephen Tirone Sculptures. He does bronze sculptures, marble carving and many other beautiful works of art. The support and encouragement I receive form him is what allows me to follow this dream.

Hartline, Parsons win Lady Bass Anglers Association Tournament on Lake Hickory

The fishing was tough for many, but not too tough for Doris Parsons and Robbie Hartline, who captured victories on Lake Hickory this weekend in the first stop on the Lady Bass Anglers Association pro tour.

Pro Results Hickory 2019

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