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In 2018, an idea to help grow the LBAA began with a few simple conversations followed by some outlines and finally a decision to take the next step! This idea did not stem from the LBAA owners and leadership, but from within the membership. Wendy Kendrick of Walker, Louisiana, brought forth the idea and is the contact person for all proposed and active LBAA Federation Chapters. All of the hard work and dedication has led to this moment!

The inaugural tournament of the Lady Bass Anglers Association Tri-State Federation will take place on Toledo Bend Reservoir on Saturday, April 20, 2019. It is the first of several regionally organized and located chapters to help grow the grassroots base of the LBAA. The Tri-State Federation Chapter inaugural event is being sponsored by Big Bass Mania!

The LBAA recognizes that there are many more ladies across our country who enjoy fishing than are able to compete at locations across the country. To address this and provide more ladies across the country with the opportunity to compete along-side other women, the option of regional federations has been explored and launched. The Tri-State Federation Chapter is composed of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and is the first to launch with interest in others starting up; maybe even in your area. Each Federation is operated independently and by anglers within a region and sponsorships are independent of the LBAA. Each federation can qualify one boater and one non-boater to the Lady Bass Classic held in the fall of each year.

As was mentioned before, there are some ladies with the desire to compete with other ladies who simply are not able to travel across the country multiple times a year to compete with the Lady Bass Anglers Association. For some, it is finances and for others it is vacation time. In both cases, a Federation Chapter offers a more affordable option and opportunity. In the case of the Tri-State Federation, members will take part in six (6) events within the region. The top eight (8) in each division will compete in an end of season event to determine which members will qualify for the Lady Bass Classic.

In the coming weeks, Federation Chapter news and information will available on the Lady Bass Anglers Association website. This will contain some basic information about Federation Chapters, including locations, general guidelines and other information that may be of interest.


Stop # 3 Cane River/ Truman Lake- Clinton, MO

The Pro Gator Boats Women's Pro Bass Tour has adapted again. This time in response to Hurricane Laura. The final tour stop will now blend in to a modified Classic. Cane/Truman will take place on Thursday and Friday with a One Day Classic Shootout. Both on Lake Truman, MO. These events will take place October 22-23, 2020 and October 24, 2020. These events will round out the 10th Anniversary Season at the Bucksaw Resort! Registration is up! Follow the links for more on membership and tournament registration!


The Pro Gator Boats, Lady Bass Anglers Association, 2020 Tour

The Lady Bass Anglers Association's 2020 season has adapted again. Only this time due to hurricane Laura!. The third event of the 2020 season will now be a Cane/Truman event Truman Reservior on October 22-23 followed immediately by The Lady Bass Classic. The registration deadline is September 20, 2020!  Registration are still accepted after the deadline with payment of a late fee. Join us for action packed adventures with best female anglers in the country!

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