Angler Highlights

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Kentucky Pro- Angler Secret York

I can remember fishing with my Dad as far back as when I was 6 years old. I absolutely hated the bobber fishing and would always pick out cool looking lures to throw. I do remember tying a top water lure (jitter bug) on my cane pole, throw it out as far as it would go then work it back by backing up the bank. My Dad finally got me my first Zebco 202.secret6yr_001I fished all my life and in 1994 a friend introduced me to tournament angling with the the National Bass N gals. Since then I have competed with the Womens Bass Fishing Association, Womens Bassmaster Tour, Bassin Her Style and now the Lady Bass Anglers Association.

I  love to fish and just being on the water is my sanity pill. Of all the years of my fishing and travels the things that have meant the most to me is the people I have met and the friendships that I have shared.

I am very blessed by being married to my husband (Kent) for 28 years, two children and three grands.

At my real job I am a heavy equiptment operator in a steel mill. Other jobs as a demo and sales for the Sportsmens Edge Triton dealership, and Co founder and operations of the LBAA.

Of all the highlights in my carrer, one of the most memorable was on Neely-Henry lake in Gadsden, AL. I finally beat Pam Martin-Wells by two hundredths of a pound. She was 8th place and I came in 7th. It didn't matter for I had been trying to beat her for 12 years and 7th was a win in my book.

As far as my future in fishing it all goes to the success of the LBAA. I have a saying, "You Gotta Believe", and that is exactly where I stand for the LBAA. We have come a long way in a short time, but it has been supported by some anglers that have put in lots of years getting us to this point. The rewards will be just having a home for all lady anglers a place to come to. That has already happened and it will be bigger and better from here out..."You Gotta Believe".