Angler Highlights

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Kentucky Pro Deb Warner
Born and raised in Kentucky, Debbie Warner has a deep seeded love of Kentucky Lake.  Her Dad and grandfather both supported their families by cat fishing.  Having had the privilege of growing up loving the water and the wildlife that also called the lake home, she still wakes daily to see the sun rise on the water that she loves.
Debbie began bass fishing many years ago.  First with family, then with the local Bass N Gals Club.  That club has dwindled to just a handful of member but they still get together for fun tournaments and get-togethers.
Deb began fishing with the LBAA when it was first formed.  Encouraged and supported by her spouse, she hasn’t missed a tournament yet.  Deb and Greg met through the sport of bass fishing, married during a couple’s tournament on their Ranger boat.
Debbie works as a licensed nurse and serves as Clinical Director for the Angels Community Clinic.  A free clinic that serves the low income working uninsured.  She also works part time in sales at Jet-A-Marina.  One of the top rated Ranger boat dealerships in the country.  They also sell new Lowe and Triton boats as well as used boats of all kinds.  In her rare free time she also works part time at Fisherman’s Headquarters, the most well stocked tackle store on Kentucky Lake.
When not consumed by fishing, she loves spending time with her husband and their 3 Australian Shepherds.  Her two sons Jason and Justin and step-daughter Teresa.  Add in the grandkids that number 7 and it’s a full schedule.
Deb’s motto is taken from her daughter Nikki who passed away at 17yrs old from a rare kidney disease.
 “Live, Really Live!  Don’t just be alive!!!”