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DeAnna Lovvorn
Tennessee Co-Angler DeAnna Lovvorn

I started fishing with my husband 3 years ago. Just for something to do, I would read. On one trip we went to Lake Guntersville and then I was hooked. Later I met a lady, Martha Goodfellow, at a Bass Pro Shop in Leeds Al (2014). “That was all she wrote.” We emailed a few times and I signed up to fish my first LBAA tournament on Old Hickory, my
home state in Tennessee. I did not do well at all but I did not give up. I went on to Kentucky and just kept at it. I love fishing with the ladies of the LBAA.

My husband, my friends at work, along with my good friend and fellow LBAA angler, Angela Mayo, are the ones I credit with being the most influential with my bass fishing.

Tournament Highlights:
2015 Kentucky Lake – LBAA - 2nd place
2015 Center Hill Lake JCI Benefit tournament 1st place
2014 Center Hill Lake JCI tournament 1st place

I am mostly proud that I have such a wonderful relationship with my husband who wants to take me fishing. Most men fish to get away from their wives, mine wants me along.

My goals for 2016: To have a 1st place finish, find more sponsors, improve my techniques, and be a better fishermen.

My favorite bait and technique is Texas Rigged finesse style with a Rage Tail Crawfish. This is my go to bait when all else fails.

One thing I would like to share with other anglers is to take advantage of all learning opportunities. Every time I go onto the water with someone I watch; I am like a sponge. The women I get to fish with, are my teachers and the water is my classroom.

Be patient in fishing, it’s called fishing for a reason not catching.

My husband gave me my motto last year. “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.” That is what you have to do in the back of the boat. You never know exactly how you will be fishing or what conditions you have face. Always be prepared for anything.

My wonderful husband, Roger, and I have 3 grown children with 1 granddaughter and 3 more grandchildren on the way.

My biggest bass was caught on a lazy afternoon, just out fun fishing, on a DT6 Rapala black/silver, and weighed in at 5.12 lbs. Not a monster but it has been my goal to beat.

2016 will be my 3 year fishing with the LBAA.

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