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Lynda Gessner
Missouri Pro Angler Lynda Gessner

I don’t remember when I started fishing, but what I know now is that fishing for me is an addiction. I grew up on Long Island, New York, and have always been around the water. I can remember working at my dad’s boat yard, and taking a 12 foot aluminum boat with a 15 hp motor out to get some blue claw crabs at low tide around the dock pilings. What a great time that was, unless one of those crabs got out of the bucket!

While still in the military, stationed at Fort Bragg, I remember one time some friends and I were fishing on a river: I don’t remember the name, but we had several fish in a basket. One of my friends lifted that basket up to check out those fish and all the fish emptied out of the bottom. Lucky fish that day! Another fond memory I can remember, is fishing at Popes Lake in North Carolina. It was a great day; I had caught several catfish, and had them on a stringer in the water. When I picked up the stringer to check them out, I pulled up a great big snapping turtle. That turtle had eaten most of what was on the stringer – lucky turtle! Those are some of the great memories I can remember. Fishing is who I am. If I don’t see water for a couple of days, I start to get a little edgy.

I started tournament bass fishing back in 2000, with the St. Louis Gateway Bass N Gals. What a great group of ladies! My first year with the club I was able to accomplish winning Rookie of the Year. The club, at that time, was affiliated with the WBFA. My second year with the club, I placed in the top four, so I was able to fish the WBFA team tournament, at Lake Fork Texas. I was hooked on tournament fishing! It was great seeing and competing with all the ladies from all over the country!

After the WBFA, I fished WBT, FLW and currently am fishing the LBAA. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to fish the LBAA circuit. How blessed is that! When I am not fishing, I am working so I can go fishing. Some folks live to work and work to live, I work to fish. In the winter months, I fly fish for trout. My favorite trout lure is a dry fly. It is the best thing, tying your own fly and then having a trout come up and sip it up! It doesn’t get any better than that! Go figure, trout fishing I love to dry fly fish and bass fishing I love to frog fish – both top water. Anyone in the boat when the frog comes out on the deck knows my addiction. Some time just putting Mr. Frog (that’s what I call my favorite frog) in the rod box is not enough. I have to cut it off so I am not tempted to put it back on the deck. But when it is working – it’s a beautiful thing – game on! One thing to know about frog fishing – less is more. It really works its' self – you don’t need to do much but twitch and hold on. Anyone that wants to come with me frog fishin – the invitation is always open.

One of my most memorable fishing experiences was fishing a WBT tournament on Lake Amistad. I was fishing a deep diving crank bait off a point with trees on it in about 35 feet deep. I only had one of those crank baits and of course when I cast it out, it got stuck on a tree limb. Well, I loosened up the slack and went to get a crank bait knocker from under my console and when I got back up on the front deck to put the knocker on my line, I felt 3 short tugs. Needless to say, I had to think for a second, and finally came up to the conclusion – set the hook!!! I pulled up a 7 pound largemouth. That was the biggest bass I have ever caught tournament fishing. That bass wanted that bait so slow it wasn’t even moving.

The LBAA and the Gateway Bass N Gals are both great organizations that give the ladies not only an organization that they own, but a voice. We are here to stay, we are not going away.

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Lynda Gessner