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Angela Mayo
North Carolina Pro Angela Mayo

I live in Maiden, North Carolina with my husband, John, our children, Erin and Ben, our yellow lab, Pi, and our little beagle, Molly.

My love for fishing began as a child. Some of my fondest memories are of sitting on a creek bank with a cane pole in my hand. After I graduated from college, my uncle would take me fishing on Lake Norman for crappie. I LOVED going out in the boat and just hanging out on the water for hours. I’m pretty sure I annoyed him by how often I wanted to go, but he was always willing to let me tag along.

When I met John and found out he was such an avid fisherman, I figured I should probably keep him around. Although I would fish with him whenever I could, we had kids that were involved in EVERYTHING, including travel softball, which meant the majority of my time was spent at a ball field. I loved every minute of it and would do it all over again to spend that time with my daughter. In 2011, Erin applied, and was accepted, to the NC School of Science and Math (a residential high school two and half hours from my house!) and I ended up with a lot of free time on my hands - which wasn’t necessarily a good thing. After moping around for a few days, I asked John to take me fishing. At that point, I didn’t know a whole lot about bass fishing, but my competitive nature kicked in because John was always whoopin’ my butt! I watched and absorbed every little detail to try to figure out why he would catch a fish and I would not. I gladly admit that he was, and continues to be, a patient and encouraging coach. It didn’t take long for me to become and addict. That fall, we entered several charity tournaments that had a husband/wife category. We did very well in all three of those tournaments and I was hooked! In 2014, John came across the Lady Bass Angler Association website and encouraged me to fish their tournament on Old Hickory in Tennessee. I won that tournament and joined the ladies full time in the co-angler division. 2015 was one of those amazing seasons that doesn’t happen very often. It seemed like everything went my way all year long and culminated with winning the Classic and being crowned the Angler of the Year in the Co-Angler Division.

Thank you to all the ladies I fished with in 2015 that helped make my year so successful. 2016 has brought new challenges to my fishing world as I make the transition to the Pro Division. I am looking forward to developing as a boater and as an angler.



2016 Tournament Trails:

Lady Bass Anglers Association

NC BASS (Thermal Belt Bassmasters - )

Thanks to those that help make it happen!

FishStyx Custom Rods - 

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Davis Brothers - 

UPS Hickory - www2.hickory-nc-  

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