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Lori Povisil Ohio Pro Angler

How long have you fished and how did you get started
When I was 4 years old I caught my first fish while on vacation with my family in Maine. While holding it up for the camera, a big bird came down and snatched it out of my hand. Luckily, I wasn’t turned off from fishing, but I’m not a big fan of birds! As I got older, I used to head to the local pond and creek to fish after school with my neighborhood friends. There was the occasional big fishing trip with my dad to a local reservoir but that usually ended up with me and my brother skipping rocks or playing ‘ kick the can'. I remember in 6th grade at the end of the year picnic, I carried my rod and one lure, the Hula Popper. The guys in my class thought I was crazy and said I wouldn’t catch anything. Well, before we had our lunch I proved them wrong as I reeled in a bass that was over 5 pounds. All of a sudden I was “the girl that caught a big fish”! I continued to fish through school, but it took a backseat as I spent the majority of my time practicing and playing basketball all the way through college.

People that have influenced you
The single most influential person in my life was and still is in many ways, my mom. She taught me to believe in myself, to have faith in God and to live by the Golden Rule.
My high school basketball coach and neighbor also had a huge impact on my life. He taught me to work hard, be a role model and to always remember, no matter how dark a day can be, the ’sun will always come up tomorrow’.

In the world of fishing, I admired most Jose Wejebe. I loved watching his Spanish Fly TV shows. He was passionate about fishing and sharing that passion with his audience. I always wanted to meet him because I heard that Jose on the camera was exactly like Jose off the camera. On April 6th 2012, I fished with one of his friends, who guides in Key West. Mike was going to arrange for me and Beth (Mills) to meet Jose when he came back from a fishing trip in the Florida Everglades that weekend. Unfortunately, later that day Jose’s plane crashed shortly after take off from Everglade City, killing him. A week later, Beth and I entered our first bass tournament ever with the intent to honor his memory. If I ever earn a check in a tournament, I will be donating it to the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation.

Tournament accomplishments
Individually, I had a 7th place finish in the LBAA Kentucky Lake Tournament in 2015. Fishing as a team, Beth Mills and I placed 10th out of 39 boats in the inaugural Ike Foundation Celebrity Pro Am Tournament on August 6th, 2016.

Things you do that you are proud of
I am blessed to have been able to follow my dreams and goals throughout my life. One such goal was to be a teacher and a coach. I can proudly say that I am starting my 28th year as a teacher in the same district. I am also proud of honoring my mom through an anti-bullying initiative and non-profit organization called ‘One Leg at a Time’. The initiative is student-led and student driven. The organization was founded during the 2010-2011 school year after there were over thirteen suicides that occurred Nationwide during the month of September. As I watched reporter after reporter asking adults how to solve the problem, I turned to my health class to ask the students how to solve the problem. “One Leg at a Time” was born. Our students work hard to change the culture and climate in their buildings. The students have also presented three times at the National Conference on Bullying - School Safety Advocacy Council, in Orlando, Florida. To date our organization has awarded over $7,000 in scholarships to students who have been involved with the program and are furthering their education.

Youth program I supported
When I taught at the middle school, I ran a fishing club and hope to bring it back this year at the high school level.

Fishing goals
I love teaching on the boat and getting my co-anglers or teammates on fish! I love to share my passion for fishing and hope to continue to present at fishing expos and create videos.

Favorite baits or techniques
I love top water, crankin’ and Texas rigged senkos.

One thing you’d like to share with other anglers
Don’t let fear hold you back from trying something that you’ve never done before. Do your best to get our youth involved. Leave the lake, pond, creek cleaner than when you arrived. (Sorry, that’s 3 things)

One lesson that you have most benefited from
Always carry heavy duty side-cutters (?) on the boat to use in the event that you bury a crank bait in your leg….

How you got started fishing LBAA
I wanted to fish the event in 2015 because I had turned 50 in May, so it was kind of a bucket list birthday present.

I am Third. God is first, all others are second and I am third and Shoot for the Moon.

Career highlight
Finishing 10th in the Ike Foundation Tournament and landing a 2.72 bass while out fishing some of the BassMaster Elites (KVD and Ish) ;)

My biggest bass was a 6.5 pounder I caught while flipping a homemade “boss hog”.

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