Caddo Lake

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Caddo Lake has been called the most beautiful lake in America by most who have seen it. It is a lake of mystery  and lots of history. Caddo Lake is the largest natural lake of fresh water in the south, covering about 26,800 acres. The acreage can flucuate easily over 35,000 acres at times of high water levels. Half of the lake is in Texas and half of the lake is in Louisiana and within 20 miles of southwest Arkansas. There are four watersheds that supply Caddo Lake with water: Little Cypress Bayou, Big Cypress Bayou, Black Cypress Bayou, and Jeems Bayou. The lake record is 16.07 lbs.

This two day pro/co event will have pro-anglers competing to bring in the heaviest 5 fish limit comprised of any combination of largemouth, or spotted bass. Co-anglers are looking for the same species but only need 3 fish for a bag limit each day. The angler in each division with the largest combined two day weight will be awarded the top cash prize for her division. One angler in each division will also be awarded a prize for the biggest bass of the tournament. Cash payouts in each division will be paid to every 1 in 5 anglers registering for the tournament. Entry fees for pro-anglers is $400 and for co-anglers is $200. The last day to register without a late fee is March 24, 2022.. 

Caddo Lake is an internationally protected wetland under the RAMSAR treaty and features the largest cypress forest in the world. As of 2003 Caddo Lake flora and fauna consisted of: 189 species of trees and shrubs, 75 grasses, 42 woody vines, 216 kinds of birds, 90 fish and reptiles, and 47 mammals. One of these species, Crataegus opaca or mayahw fruit, is collected from the water to make jelly and is considered one of the finest in the world. Forty-four of Caddo's native species are either endangered, threatend or rare. The lake is currently "under siege" by a fast-spreading, Velcro like aquatic fern, Salvania molesta, also known as Giant Sylvania. Accidentally introduced to the lake. It is a noxious weed that doubles in size every two to four days, rapidly killing off life below the surface. It is vitally important that anglers rinse and clean their boats and trailers before launching in other waters to prevent the transfer of the invasive species to other bodies of water.

Take-Off Information

Earl G. Williamson Park
Louisiana Road 1
Oil City, Louisiana 71061

License Information:  License by phone: 888-765-2602

 Non-Resident Louisiana License fees: Annual= $60; One Day= $5

 NOTE: Texas and Louisiana have a reciprocol agreement on border waters. "Louisiana and Texas residents who hold resident licences from thier resident state or who are exempt from holding resident licences in thier state may fish the border waters between Texas and Louisiana without addtional licenses. Boundary waters include: Caddo Lake and Toledo Bend Reservior."  EXCEPTIONS: 1) If an angler travels beyond the Hwy 43 bridge on the Big Cypress Boyou, then they must have a Texas license. 2) If an angler travels beyond the Hwy 2 bridge, they must have a Louisiana license.

 Caddo Lake is a slot lake. Fish fish that are from 14" to 18" must be released. Fish less than 14" and over 18" may be retained for weigh-in. No more than 4 fish over 18" may be retained an individual anglers livewell!

SPECIAL NOTE: Anglers fishing this event will need a "Golden Rule" with 1/8 measurements. We are working to accommodate for fish in the slot. 

 NOTE: Kevin Parker of Marine Specialties will gladly work to assist any ladies with any boat problems. 318-393-8901. He will not be available for on the water assistance, but will help expedite any work needed. Chris Forsyth has agreed to be available to assist with on the water breakdowns during the tournament!

Local Sponsors

Special thanks to the following for their generous financial support of the LBAA tournament on Caddo Lake.

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Special thanks to the following for their generous support and donation of products and door prizes for the LBAA tournament on Caddo Lake.
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Host Hotel/ Tournament Options

Country Inn Motel
032 South Pine Street, Vivian, Louisiana 71082, 318-375-4730
Single $50/ Double $60 per night

Clarion (Formerly Holiday Inn West)
(Boat Hookups Available), 5555 Financial Plaza, Shreveport, LA  71129, 318-688-3000
$69 per night- Ask for Lady Bass Anglers Caddo Tournament/LBA
Sales- 318-688-3000  - Group Code: LBA

Days Inn
(Boat Hookups), 200 John Wesley, Blvd, Bossier City, LA 71112, 318-742-9200 
$50 per night or $230 weekly rate (7 Nights)

 If you are having difficulty with your hotel arrangements, please contact Penny McCurdy.  Contact Secret or Cheryl for her number or see our Facebook page.

 The following companies have made their contingency programs available to the ladies of the LBAA to show their support for the dedicated anglers on tour.

Real Money
First Flight