COVID-19 Protocols

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In response to COVID-19, the Lady Bass Anglers Association will follow all local protocols and will adjust our event expectations in response to any changes determined by local entities.

Location Specific Details:

Texas and Dallas County, Texas- II. Gatherings

  • TEXAS- Except as provided in Section I or in the minimum standard health protocols in Section IV, people may not be in groups larger than ten (10) and must maintain six feet of social distancing from those not in their group.
  • For any outdoor gathering in excess of 10 people, including rafting, tubing, and related services, the gathering is prohibited unless the mayor of the city in which the gathering is held, or the county judge in the case of a gathering in an unincorporated area, approves of the gathering, and such approval can be made subject to certain conditions or restrictions not inconsistent with the executive order. This provision does not apply to:
    • CISA services (see Section III);
    • religious services, including those conducted in churches, congregations, and houses of worship;
    • local government operations as determined by the local government;
    • child-care services;
    • youth camps;
    • recreational sports programs for youths and adults;
    • public and private schools; • drive-in concerts, movies, or similar events;
    • the following establishments that operate with at least six feet of social distancing between work stations:
          o cosmetology salons, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons/shops, and other establishments where licensed cosmetologists or barbers practice their trade;
          o massage establishments and other facilities where licensed massage therapists or other persons licensed or otherwise authorized to practice under Chapter 455 of the Texas Occupations Code practice their trade; and
          o other personal-care and beauty services such as tanning salons, tattoo studios, piercing studios, hair removal services, and hair loss treatment and growth services.
    • professional, collegiate, or similar sporting events, including rodeos and equestrian events;
    • amusement parks;
    • swimming pools;
    • water parks;
    • museums and libraries; and
    • zoos, aquariums, natural caverns, and similar facilities.
  • Folows the same protocols as above and has designated that events such as hours can take place as long as our event participation is no more than 100 anglers, staff and volunteers.
  • Boats will have a maximum of 2 anglers per boat except for emergencies.
  • For a complete list of information, please use this link to access the FAQ document of the Governor's executive order for Texas.

Event Description:
Bass fishing tournament with a maximum of two anglers per boat. The only exception to this will be in case of an emergency. If any angler or anglers need to be brought in due to a breakdown or accident, then for a short period of time, there may be more than two anglers in a boat, not to exceed four anglers. All anglers will wear face coverings and maintain as much distance from one another as is safe to do so in a watercraft.

Designated Staff Contact: Larry Valentine, Tournament Director

Signage: Signs will be posted reminding any and all individuals participating in or attending in any manner to social distance and correctly wear face coverings.

Participants: Anglers and staff will be traveling from other parts of the country for this event. There will be a maximum of 70 anglers, staff and volunteers traveling to this event. They will have been notified in the days before they leave their home locations of the most current COVID-19 protocols for the host location. Included will be the following details.

  • Please isolate, if possible, for 10 days prior to traveling to the site, check and watch for any possible COVID-19 symptoms.
    o Fever or Chills
    o Cough
    o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
    o Fatigue
    o Muscle or body aches
    o Headache
    o New loss of taste or smell
    o Sore throat
    o Congestion or runny nose
    o Nausea or vomiting
    o Diarrhea
    o Other symptoms as indicated by the CDC.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 6’ from others.
  • If possible, obtain a COVID-19 test, and only come to the event if the results are negative.
  • Wear face coverings, that cover the nose and mouth and have an appropriate fit when indoors or when 10’ or less from others.
  • Limit individual gatherings to no more than 10 people or what is deemed appropriate by local authorities.
  • During take-off and weigh-in activities, maintain a 6’ separation and correctly wear face coverings.
  • Anglers, staff and volunteers are asked to check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to heading to the venue each day. If any angler, staff or volunteer is experiencing any of these symptoms, during the event, please notify the tournament director and stay at the hotel or residence.
  • Anglers, Staff and Volunteers are asked to clean and or properly dispose of face coverings after each day of the event. It is suggested to have 2-3 face coverings available in case of loss, or to rotate while other are being cleaned.

Morning Offloading of Boats-  All anglers, staff and volunteers will wear face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth. The two anglers designated for each boat will be the only ones inside of the gunnel of the boat. Volunteers who help with the launching of the boats will wear face coverings that completely cover the nose and the mouth. Drivers of vehicles will wear protective gloves. Boats will be launched in boat number order allowing participants to maintain at minimum a boat and trailer length distance between other anglers and volunteers. Once launched, volunteers will secure tow vehicle keys in the designated safe box after wiping them down with disinfectant cloths. A trash can will be available for the disposal of the wipes after use. Anglers after launch will idle to the designated docks for the morning activities that include last minute instructions from the tournament director, the playing of the National Anthem and upon release, a drive by live well check. Anglers will continue to wear face coverings throughout the day when they are in the driver and passenger seats of the boat. While fishing one angler will fish from the front of the boat and the other angler will fish from the back of the boat. This will provide a minimum of 16’ of distance.

  • Volunteers and Staff on the Boat Docks will wear face coverings and maintain a distance of 6’. The bull horn will be wiped with disinfectant before the start of the event and between uses. Other individuals, who may be on site to watch the take-off will be asked to remain on the shoreline.

Check-in and Boat Loading - At the designated time, set by the tournament director, boats will idle by the Take-Off docks to check in before idling to the boat ramp for loading. Anglers will continue to wear face coverings as described in the morning off-loading procedures. All volunteers will wear face masks and gloves. Anglers and their boats will be removed from the water in boat number order. As boats are pulled up on the trailers, a volunteer may latch and lock down the front of the boat. The driver will pull the boat up into a parking spot where the steering wheel, doors and keys will be wiped with sanitizing clothes before going to the next vehicle. A trash can will be available for the disposal of the wipes after use. This process will repeat until all anglers and their boats are off the water. As anglers travel to the weigh in, they will have the folowing options: 1) If the ride is short and not on major roads, one can ride in the boat with the other in the cab;  2) to ride in the cab together with both wearing face coverings over the mouth and nose; 3) anglers may ride in seperate vehicles.

Weigh-in- The MC will remind anglers and participants to maintain social distancing practices and to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth. (Exceptions: Children younger than 2 years old., Anyone with trouble breathing or unconscious., Anyone who is in many manner incapacitated.).

  • There will be no more than three people on the stage at any given time with social distancing maintained and face coverings worn.
  • A box of individual, disposable wipes will be available for anglers to wipe their hands and a waste can will be available for the disposal of the towels.
  • The stage will be set up with two microphones, a minimum of 6’ apart. One will be used only by the MC and the other only by the anglers. The angler microphone will be wiped with a sanitizer after each angler.
  • Anglers will be permitted to move to the designated side of the stage and remove their masks for photos. Once photos are complete, the face covering will be replaced.
  • To limit the number of anglers at the bump tank, the anglers will weigh their fish in boat number order. The bump tanks (2-3 of them) will be set up with spacing and a maximum of six anglers at the tanks at any one time. While in line, anglers will wear face covings over their nose and mouth. All other anglers will stay at their boats until their boat number is called for weigh in. After leaving the stage, anglers will maintain social distancing of at least 6’. Exceptions will be for members of the same household.
  • To assist in limiting the audience, the weigh-in will be streamed over Facebook Live.
  • Staff and volunteers handing the fish will wear face coverings over their nose and mouth and maintain a 6’ distance as much as possible.
  • Snacks and drinks provided for the anglers will be grab and go items that do not require a server or excessive handling. (Individual drinks, individually prepackaged snack items. All spaced out on a table with anglers, staff and volunteers expected to maintain distance and not collect in the area after getting their refreshments. Those who put the items out for the anglers will wear gloves, masks and sanitizers before during and after handling.
  • Fence Barricades will be in place to keep at least a 6’ distance between the anglers and any spectators and staff during the weigh-in.
  • Anglers and fans watching the event, will be asked to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth. Anglers and guests not in the same household will be asked to maintain social distancing of at least 6’.

Awards: At the conclusion of the second day, the awards for the winners will take place. No more than three people will be on the stage at any one time. Those awarding the checks and trophies will wear face coverings and gloves. Angler may move to the designated area for photos and remove their masks for this time. If speeches are given, the angler microphone will be used and wiped after each angler.

Procedure Adjustments: As the event arrives and proceeds, additional protective measures will be put in place should local requirements change, or we find unexpected situations arise.

If Someone Gets Sick:

  • Any angler, volunteer or staff member should become ill, they should:
    • Not show up at any of the event particulars; Take-off, Check-in or Weigh in!
    • Notify Larry Valentine, the Tournament Director.
    • Immediately isolate from others.
  • The LBAA will:
    • Notify the local authorities of the situation.
    • Notify the family of the individual.
    • Clean and disinfect any area the individual may have been in contact with. (Specific to LBAA property)
    • Follow any locally designated guidelines and protocols.