Lake Palestine

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The Gary Yamamoto Custom Wagyu Beef and Inn at BK Ranch Women's Pro Bass Tour will travel to Texas beautiful Lake Palestine to kick off the thirteenth season. Tournament days are March 9-10, 2023  The ramp location is at The Villages Marina, 18270 Singing Wood Lane Flint, Texas 75762. The Entry fees for the event are $400 for boaters and $200 for coanglers.

Lake Palestine is comprised of 22,560 acres of water and encompassing 135 miles of shoreline. The widest part of the lake is 4 miles across. It was created by the impoundment of the Neches River and operated by the Neches River Municipal Water Authority. It is located about 15 miles southwest of Tyler on Highway 155. Vegitation and flooded timber are the main forms of cover. Auqatic plants are restricted to shallow water protected from the wind in nutrient rich areas. Most of the flooded timber is located above the Texas Highway 155 Bridge. Portions of Anderson, Cherokee, Henderson, and Smith Counties are included in the lake. The Neches River continues flowing southward from the dam, establishing the boundary between Anderson and Cherokee Counties.

The lake records are 13.22 lbs for largemouth and 2.65 lbs 1 for spotted bass. The state records for these three species are 18.18 lbs for largemouth and 5.98 lbs 15.5 oz for spotted bass.   The last day for anglers to register for the two day event without late fees is February 1, 2023.

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Take Off Information

Ramp: The Villages Marina
Big Eddy Road
Flint, Texas 75762
There are limited slips are available for rent. Please call for information.


Fishing License and Regulations:



Resident Annual - $30/$47                                 Resident Single Day- $11
Non-Resident Annual-$58                                   Non-Resident Single Day $16